SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING ATTENDS: Gen Why’s Bring Your Boomers Party – March 12, 2011

Last night, our Social City Networking team accompanied by our friends at TheGIVE Project, had such an amazing experience at the Gen Why’s Bring Your Boomers Party . Truly educational and inspiring!

Gen Why pairs Gen Why innovators with Boomer influencers for inter-generation dialogue to discover what we can learn from each other, how we can inspire re-imagination and why it’s important to work together. We’re honored to welcome this amazing collection of speakers:

Boomer Participants:

Ken Lum -Internationally celebrated Multidisciplinary Artist

Nettie Wild – Acclaimed Vancouver Documentary Filmmaker

Kathleen Mahoney -Internationally recognized Human Rights Lawyer and Law Professor

Gen Why Participants:

Nimisha Mukerji – Director of the award-winning documentary 65_RedRoses

Leigh Christie – Engineer, Sculptor, Event Producer and Co-founder of the eatART Foundation

Caleb Behn – Law student and Chair of the Indigenous Circle at the Canadian Environmental Network

Our experience left us with inspiration, knowledge, a sense of community and awe – it was truly an event!


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