SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING interviews: LuvnGrace Entertainment

Social City Networking has had the privilege to work and collaborate with some pretty inspiring and amazing organizations. One of these mention worthy organizations isLUVNGRACE ENTERTAINMENT. Vernard Goud (Founder of LuvnGrace Entertainment) is the notable face behind the event production company, and a dear friend of our Social City Networking team. With strong connections and community nightlife expectations, Vernard has impacted Vancouver’s events experience in extremely powerful ways. From hosting the Official Lady Gaga Monster-ball Tour After-party, to working with the world famous photographer (and personal friend of Vernard) Raphael Mazzucco, Vernard has kept the city’s Socialites on their toes in anticipation for the next huge LuvnGrace Entertainment event. (Check out his website to stay current with all the phenomenal upcoming events:

We sat down with him to find out more about what inspires him, and what community and being SOCIAL in our CITY means to him:

Vernard Goud of LuvnGrace Entertainment.

SC: What does Social Networking mean to you?

Vernard: Caring for others, the underprivileged, total selflessness by 2 amazing sisters Krista & Sara McKenna! They are 100% devoted to making the world around them a better place whenever they can which is all the time!

SC: What is a personal experience you’ve had where Social Networking benefited you?

Vernard:   Every interaction with Krista and Sara is awe inspiring & so motivating. There has never been a moment I wasn’t inspired by just seeing them, hearing their names. Its just a gift of theirs. Its so beautiful to watch and I think they could be role models for so many of their generation.

 SC: What is some advice that you can give to social networkers out there?

Vernard: Watch Krista and Sara follow their love and passion and do the same in whatever inspires you to help others and give back to community.

SC: What does community mean to you?

Vernard: Interacting, caring for others in ones neighbourhood and beyond. Always be aware of your own community & keep up with what’s going on with important issues at all times. I’m afraid that the whole social 24/7 media/laptop/cellphone generation can create a very desensitized and frazzled society. Nothing annoys me more then people outside in public always being pre-occupied with their texting and phone conversations. This does not create a healthy, aware society and community. People should be in the moment  & undistracted by their phones & laptops (unless its totally important, urgent or business related). Its not unfair to say that whenever I walk the streets, I see a “generation looking down” ( at phones, etc.).

SCWhat does community bring in to your life?

Vernard: Everything, as I work & live in my community. I need to be aware of everything at all times. Feeling the pulse so to speak.

SCWhat is your socially conscious contribution to your community?

Vernard: I hope my events & my politically incorrect statements stimulate people into thinking outside the box in every way, shape, or form. Something that’s very important in this rather homogenized city we live in. Yes, Vancouver is pretty diverse but it generally plays it very safe imo. Vancouver generally only gets excited by middle of the road entertainment and ideas. Hockey & CFL Football for example. That’s why the never changing Roxy is always packed and still exists after all these years. Yes, its much better than many other parts of Canada and the US of A but it still has a long way to go until it can consider itself a world-class city. On another note, the downtown east-side is a perfect example of what shouldn’t be. I’m Dutch so I believe in the so-called nanny or welfare state. In other words: no one is homeless or hungry living on the streets.

SC: At what point in your life did you take that first leap in to your social life?

Vernard: I’ve always been observant and vocal about society and life in general. Its in my DNA.  I love creating awareness about topics no one wants to talk about. Politics, Society and Religion. I have been a cultural observer since I was very young and have never stopped. I have lived on 3 different continents throughout my life and its given me much better and more objective perspectives of things than most people. I lived in liberal atheist Holland to Muslim Saudi Arabia until I moved to god-fearing North-America ( Vancouver, Canada) at age 15 in 1981.

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