SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING interviews: Thea Gow-Jarrett, Community Leader – SEMPERVIVA YOGA // SOCIAL in the CITY – Vancouver //

Social City Networking has had the privilege to connect and collaborate with some pretty inspiring and amazing organizations and individuals. With our focus being COMMUNITY, we provide opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks by providing continuous up to date information about interesting events, causes, organizations and businesses in YOUR CITY. It has been our great pleasure to become introduced toSEMPERVIVA YOGA and the amazing community leaders on their team, here in Vancouver BC. One of which has taken it upon herself to become a form of inspiration and inclusion for community members – Semperviva Community LeaderThea Gow-Jarrett!

Thea FUNdraising with song and dance outside the Canada Line Skytrain Station at Cambie and Broadway!

We sat down with Thea to find out more about what inspires her, as well as what community and being SOCIAL in our CITY means to her:

SC: What does community mean to you, in one word?

 Thea: Friendship

SC: What about Semperviva attracted you to participate, and how do you feel it benefits the community?

 Thea: I was initially attracted to Semperviva because of the people.  Gloria (The Founder) is such a source of inspiration when it comes to being a powerful member of a yoga community.  She truly believes that every person would live a happier, healthy life if they practiced yoga and that is what we strive to do every day at Semperviva.  Gloria’s generosity and love of people trickles down to the Yoga Advisors behind the desk and the Teachers in class.  It has created a warm and welcoming community that is vibrant and diverse.  Our community knows that they have found a safe haven at Semperviva, even if they aren’t taking class they are always welcome in our space.  I am so grateful that my job at the end of the day is to be kind to people; it is hard to feel stressed out at work when kindness is your intention!

SC: What is one major lesson/learning you are taking away from this organization, as well as your experience involved in it? 

Thea: I have been meditating on the idea that it truly is the journey that is important.  In the past, I have found myself wrapped up in the ego of proving myself to the world, always worrying about creating something BIG to show everyone that I am great.  Now, I am learning to enjoy the little things in a day like smiling at strangers on the street, helping someone in the studio, and being generous with my family and friends.  These are the elements of my life that truly sustain me and are fully in my power to create and control on a daily basis.

SC: Why is community important to you (personally)?

Thea: I thrive on human interaction.  Nothing fulfills me more than sharing a hug, a laugh, a cry, a story, the list goes on!  I love to learn about people, what makes them unique and special,  and then to connect them to other amazing people I have met along the way. I  consciously chose to live and work in Kitsilano because nothing makes me happier than to see the same people day in and day out, be part of their lives, and add value to their day.

SC: What is a personal experience you have had where social networking has benefited you in accomplishing your dreams?

Thea: I am currently FUNdraising for imagine1day and threw a big scale party this summer.  It was a couple weeks out from the party and I was scrambling to get some key elements in place.  When I saw the Social City Networking INC. ladies, I had a bit of a mini meltdown as I STILL didn’t have a musician for the event.  They got on their phones and connected me with Bonn Smith that day.  He ended up being a perfect fit for the party and was key to the success of the event!

SC: What is some advice that you would like to share to aspiring community leaders? 

Thea: Start from the foundation up.  It is all about building authentic relationships with people first, without expectation.  The simple things are most important, like remembering people’s names, their stories and going out of your way to support them without being asked.  Once you have learned who is in your community and what makes them tick, you can start to think bigger.

SC: What is your socially conscious contribution to your community? 

Thea: I bring the FUN!  My mission in life is to provide safe spaces for people to move their bodies and have fun.  I am constantly in conversation about the importance of fun for adults.  We get wrapped up in life and often end up taking it too seriously.  When I throw a dance party, choreograph a flash mob, or throw on an embarrassing costume and dance in public; I am providing the opportunity for adults to step outside of their box, leave their inhibitions at the door and choose more fun in their lives.  Fun is underrated and I am here to champion it in my community!

We think Thea is awesome.

To check out more of what Thea is up to, check out these links:

Writer: Sara Rose McKenna
t: @smckennaSC

Social City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2012


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