Team Awesome’s Polaroid Party Event Review – Written by Helena Bryn-McLeod

Photo: Tammy Maltese Photography Offiicial Social City Networking INC. Photo All Rights Reserved.
Team Awesome Polaroid Party – January 13, 2012

I walk in a few hours before the event starts, and it’s obvious that whoever has organized this thing has been wise enough to give themselves a moment to breathe before the mayhem ensues. There’s a calm energy, but the air is charged with anticipation- I can feel it crackling. Team Awesome is dotted around Canvas Lounge: bubbly after being interviewed on the radio, double checking information, setting up the last details on the photography table, and cracking jokes with each other in a way that only people who have spent every waking hour together for the last month can. It’s really quite exciting to be in their world and I sense they are all humbled and excited by the positive reaction to the event they have invested in so intensely.

The night begins. You’ll recall the white walls, the sparkling lights, the red carpet, the big Polaroid cut out, the crazy dress up supplies, the red and blue hued dance floor, the pumping music, the extraordinary photography and displays; but what impacted me most deeply, and maybe you can relate, was the number of heartfelt smiles that were spreading around like wildfire. I think every person there could feel the magic, for the way we were interacting put on such a display of love and goodness that by the end of the night I could hardly straighten my face from grinning so much.

From the moment we said “open the doors”, until the last die-hard volunteers and Team Awesome members trickled out in the wee hours of the morning, the atmosphere was overwhelmingly positive, supportive, humorous, and infectiously happy. The positivity blew my mind! How many times have I been to a party where I didn’t feel 100% included or part of the importance? I can only speak for myself, so I will attest to the hierarchy of some party scenes. But not this one. No, this event had none of that nonsense, for it was the most welcoming, inclusive and engaging event I have been to since living in Vancouver for the past two years. I can sincerely claim that the atmosphere brought out the happiest faces I have ever seen at a fundraiser in my life.

But not only did people have a great time, the beauty of it was deeper than that. It was the epitome of awesome: it was created by inspired youth– to engage local youth– in banding together to support global education for our peers around the world (whose countries prevent them from having the same opportunities as us). I admire the people who make up Team Awesome: their natures are inherently dedicated and fiercely caring; from the conception of the idea to the end result of the $8500 raised, none of them looked back once.

Why would they? The idea was awesome, the turnout was awesome, the people were awesome, and the cause was AWESOME. I was honored to be part of it.

The one question that remains: is anyone tired of that word yet?

Written by: Helena Bryn-McLeod

Social City Networking INC.

Team Awesome consists of:

Krista McKenna from Social City Networking INC.

Sara Rose McKenna from Social City Networking INC.

Caela Regalado from Social City Networking INC.

Tatiana Buba

Shauna Beaudoin

Eland Bronstein

Clint Omelaniec from Capitol Media House

Jered Love from imagine1day

Dallas Froese from Dalit Freedom Network

And a incredible team of volunteers, sponsors, photographers, supporters, and guests for making our POLAROID PARTY such a huge success!


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