SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING interviews: Nicole Bridger, Eco fashion designer // SOCIAL in the CITY – Vancouver //

Social City Networking has had the privilege to connect and collaborate with some pretty inspiring and amazing organizations and individuals. With our focus being COMMUNITY, we provide opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks by providing continuous up to date information about interesting events, causes, organizations, businesses, and individuals in YOUR CITY. It has been our great pleasure to have connected to Nicole Bridger and the amazing fashion lines that she has created, here in Vancouver BC.


Nicole Bridger

A little background:

Born and raised in Vancouver, Nicole received her BAA in fashion design from Ryerson University in Toronto ON. During an internship in London with Vivienne Westwood, Nicole learned the art of sculpting, draping and layering fabric. Nicole Bridger founded her fashion line on the belief that fashion doesn’t have to sacrifice a commitment to the environment. Nicole Bridger uses the finest ethically-sourced materials and dyes.

“Nicole Bridger is a fashion line for a new generation of women who want to look effortlessly chic while maintaining a commitment to the earth and its people. Each collection is composed of stand-out pieces which reflect one’s individuality and femininity.

Every item makes an impression when worn alone, and when combined with other pieces the result is a statement of modern, refined style. Tailored from the highest quality ethical materials, every item flatters the natural curves of a woman’s body, making her feel graceful and elegant in any setting.” – Nicole Bridger,

“Sneak Peek of the Fall/Winter shoot” – Nicole Bridger

“Sneak Peek of the Fall/Winter shoot” – Nicole Bridger

“Sneak Peek of the Fall/Winter shoot” – Nicole Bridger

“Sneak Peek of the Fall/Winter shoot” – Nicole Bridger

We sat down with Nicole to find out more about what inspires her, as well as what community and being SOCIAL in our CITY means to her:

SC: What does community mean to you, in one word?

Nicole: “Support”

SC: What about fashion attracted you to participate, and how do you feel it benefits the community?

Nicole: We all wear clothes, might as well make them in a way that supports the planet and its people, which is what a community is made of. Clothes can also help make a person feel good, when a person feels good they have more to give to those around them throughout their day.

SC: What is one major lesson/learning you are taking away from your experience involved in it? 

Nicole: So far? The journey has only just begun… I’d say listen to your heart, your inner knowing, it knows the way.

SC: Why is community personally important to you?

Nicole: We are social creatures, we do much better when we are surrounded by great people, helping each other through life. And its just more fun when we do it together!

SC: What is a personal experience you have had where social networking has benefited you in accomplishing your dreams?

Nicole: Gosh, where has it not? I’m creating a product and without clients and fans I would not be doing this. Getting the word out is the most important part.

SC: What is some advice that you would like to share to aspiring community leaders? 

Nicole: Do what inspires you, what you feel passionate about.

SC: What is your socially conscious contribution to your community? 

Nicole: I create socially conscious clothing.

SC: What are your favorite top 3 places to be SOCIAL in your CITY?

Nicole:  1. Wreck

2. Gastown

3. Dance floor.

We think Nicole is awesome, and a local inspiration.

Dancers and models from Nicole's last showing at EFW03. Photo: Peter Jensen

Dancers and models from Nicole’s last showing at EFW03. Photo: Peter Jensen

Nicole Bridger will also be opening this week’s Vancouver Eco Fashion Week season tonight with her Fall/Winter 2012 collection featuring Mala Imports. The show will be hosted at The Vogue Theatre, at 7pm. [SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING: SOCIAL in the CITY will be covering Nicole’s show live on our twitter accounts: @socialcitynetwo @kmckennaSC @smckennaSC #Socialinthecity #efw Join in the conversation!] For more information about Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, check this out:

Writer: Sara Rose McKenna
t: @smckennaSC

Social City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2012

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