SOCIAL MEDIA – To Use, or Not To Use?

“One of the biggest challenges companies face is deciding if and how social media can be used to benefit them. Should every company integrate social media tools as part of their strategic marketing campaigns? Why? Why not? Can you devise criteria for assessing whether or not a company should embrace social media?”

– Clayton Mitchell, BCIT Instructor

Kris’s (Co-Founder of Social City Networking INC) response:


I feel that social media has become the main form of online communication for 90% of our communities – both personally and professionally.

Whatever industry a company is based in, product or service, social media is a tool that captivates word-of-mouth promotion through a megaphoned platform. Since word of mouth is such a valuable form of marketing, and most often the most productive conversion wise, utilizing social media in every businesses strategic marketing campaign is a must.

As far as criteria goes, having access to the social platforms that correlate with your business is best (ie. instagram for services/product that can evoke conversion through visual triggers, Twitter/Facebook for building a stronger relationship with your community and target markets etc) therefore completing an extensive marketing target analysis and cross-referencing with what platforms communicate positively to them.

Utilizing such and understanding the full power of social media, will ultimately benefit all companies.
Ask yourself:

1- What is my mission?

2- Who is my target market?

3- What does the target market like/dislike, want etc?

4- How do you communicate effectively to your target market?

5- What social media platforms does my target market utilize?

6- How can we captivate our company/services/products positively through these channels?

7- Create strategic and in-depth marketing plan/strategy, IMPLEMENT.

8- Reap the benefits.

Social City Networking INC. – For all things SOCIAL in your CITY.

Writer: Krista McKenna – Your SOCIAL in the CITY Correspondent
t: @kmckennaSC

Social City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2013


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