Have you heard about our social initiative, the Get Warm Project?

About our social initiative, the Get Warm Project:

The Get Warm Project is a community based project inspired by the need to keep our community members warm during the cold winter season. All donated supplies will be given those in need in our city, and to Union Gospel Mission. Founded by Shauna Beaudoin (@SBConnektConnekt Marketing), Krista McKenna (@kmckennaSC – Co-Founder of Social City Networking INC.) and Sara Rose McKenna (@smckennaSC – Co-Founder of Social City Networking INC.), The ‘Get Warm Project’ is a community blanket and goods drive that strives to ensure that members of our city will be warm this winter. Members of the community will be hosting ‘Get Warm Project’ donation boxes where you can donate the necessary supplies needed to keep people in our community warm this winter.

ALL donations all go to Outreach, both Mens and Womens programs at UGM, or to those in need on the streets by a Get Warm Project Team.


Many that walk through our doors request some sort of warm item, so we are able to give to those in need through the help of the Get Warm Project. In the DTES, we have 2 buildings, one for men and one for women and children. Both these facilities will be fully stocked with warm clothing and accessories! We also have a van called the Mobile Mission. This vehicle brings warmth directly to those living on the streets distributing the blankets to those that are under bridges, in back alleys and where they may not be able to access UGM’s services. Items collected from the Get Warm Project also goes towards helping those in need not just in the DTES at our buildings and streets, but throughout Metro Vancouver through the Mobile Mission.

When needs are fulfilled, the remainder of the items go to our Thrift Store, which is a distribution centre where our Outreach Workers have the ability to take goods free of charge for those who need it. Others are also able to purchase goods and take pride in the ability to have something that they themselves have worked hard for. By no means is our Thrift Store a way of making money off those struggling with poverty, as the store just breaks even. It is a community service that gives our community pride and dignity to be able to purchase items they would not otherwise be able to in a retail setting

– Anna Li, Annual Giving Coordinator | Resource Development
Gifts in Kind and Community Partnership Events, Union Gospel Mission.

Check out the Get Warm Project segment and interview hosted by Mana Mansour, with Union Gospel Mission on Go Vancouver on Shaw TV below:

The Get Warm Project aims to establish leadership within our community and actively work towards positive social change.

We need members of the community to take on a box in their local business, workplace, coffee shop, school, event, you name it! We are asking for hosts to fill the boxes with new or gently used warm clothes, blankets, and quality essential items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, quality razors, winter boots, etc. which are always in need and often forgotten. These items will be used to combat the cold, and used in Union Gospel Christmas hampers.

Community Involvement: Help others to ‘Get Warm’

• All active community members of the ‘Get Warm’ project can contribute by donating the supplies listed above to one of the `Get Warm Boxes` in your community.

• Members of the community can also help contribute by hosting a box at their local school, workplace, or community center. And filling it with the supplies listed above!

• If you’re internet savvy, please contribute your time by raising awareness about the project by ‘Liking’ or ‘Sharing’ the ‘Get Warm’ Facebook group to all of your friends, families, and co-workers.

• If you do not have time to donate supplies to the cause and would like to help in other ways, please donate funds to Union Gospel Mission here (https://www.ugm.ca/donate/)

Help us WARM UP our city, Vancouver.

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