Team Awesome Presents: The Instagram-o-rama! Promotional Video

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We Are Team Awesome: Sara Rose McKenna & Krista McKenna of Social City Networking INC., Shauna Beaudoin of Connekt Marketing, Jered Love of Frontier Flooring, and Clint Omelaniec of Capitol Media House.


That’s a formula we at Team Awesome can get behind. One year later, we’ve recovered from the Polaroid Party hangover and is BACK for another charity art party for 2013: The Instagram-O-Rama

The Art Concept We Can’t Wait to Tell You About:

The Art Featuring YOU:

We will showcase 200 Instagram photos printed by our awesome sponsor Jukebox Print on high quality prints

(GO TO HTTP://WWW.TEAMAWSM.COM/ LEARN HOW TO GET YOUR INSTAGRAM INTO THE ART SHOW) The deadline to submit your Instagram is December 21st.

The Art Featuring 15 Incredible Vancouver Photographers:

They will be showcasing limited edition photograph collages created through Instagram on 19″13″ high quality prints

100% of the sales of the Instagram prints and photographer collage posters will go towards two awesome charities.

Where Is This Going Happen?:

FiveSixty (Prepare to explore one of the coolest spaces in Vancouver) 560 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3J5

What Day and Time Is It Happening?

On Saturday, January 5th, the Art Show phase goes from 6PM to 10PM than we switch gears and the Party is from 10PM to 2AM

How Much Are Tickets and Where Can I Get Them?

Tickets are only $10. Last year OVER 1,200 people came to the sold-out Polaroid Party event. We want to see your beautiful face there so we recommend buying your tickets ASAP! This is a 19+ event.


Learn More About the Charities:

imagine1day is a Vancouver-based charity working towards a big goal of all Ethiopians having access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030. In their work over the past 5 years, imagine1day has seen the impact that providing accessible education to girls in particular can have on communities and the future prosperity of a nation.

The Looking Glass Foundation is a community of parents and friends who are committed to creating support and improved programming for those we love suffering with eating disorders. Girls deserve the strength of all us on their journey as they grow into the woman of tomorrow.

Who’s DJ’ing?:

DJ Parlange – Juno Award-Winning DJ.
DJ Yurie – You can’t resist her rad beats.
Kaminari Supermodel – Prepare for a visual/audio journey
Furious Curator – We bet you can’t help but bust out a move to their tunes

Who Are the Sponsors Helping Make This Happen:

FiveSixty (
SoundLab (

The Featured Photographers Showcasing Their Instagram Work:

Leah Gregg (
Sean Dalin (
Danaea Davies (
Zach Bulick (
Tammy Maltese (
Tegan Klenner (
Bethany Menzel (
Lindsay Sjoberg (
Rob Trendiak (
Dan Korzma (
Jackie Chong (
+ More!

WANT TO VOLUNTEER? We’re looking for 30 rad people to help us out. Email us at if you’re interested.


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