Social City Networking has had the privilege to connect and collaborate with some pretty inspiring and amazing organizations and individuals. With our focus being COMMUNITY, we provide opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks by providing continuous up to date information about interesting events, causes, organizations, businesses, and individuals in YOUR CITY. It has been our great pleasure to have connected to Nicki Bullock, founder of Fearless Freedom & Daring to Live.



We sat down with Nicki to find out more about what inspires her, as well as what community and being SOCIAL in our CITY means to her:

SC: Describe what community means to you in one word:


SC: What about Vancouver attracted you to become engaged positively in the community, and how do you feel being engaged benefits the community?

Nicki: The Lower Mainland has been home for me for most of my life. I find the people here rich in spirit, generous and always looking to improve. When I first started on my personal journey with my own fear, I quickly realized that it was an emotion we all feel and often live by and instantly connected me to every human spirit.

I believe we all have something to offer our communities. Just by sharing your personal story you could be helping someone through, inspiring action or offering new insight.

Each of our journeys through this life means something to someone and just by you showing up and reaching out, you have the potential to change everything for them.

SC: What is “Fearless Freedom” inspired from, and what is it all about?

Nicki: Fear.Less Freedom came to me one day after finally accepting that I needed to start playing ‘big’ in my life. I had been blogging for about a year before I fully started to move forward with the summit. It became a realization that continuing to play small in my life wasn’t serving me and certainly wasn’t serving this world. I have a message, just as we all do, and felt extremely compelled to share it on a platform that engages us together for one day.

The fear.less freedom summit is going to be a game-changing day, happening Feb 2nd, 2013 at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel. It is a collaboration of the conscious community in Vancouver with amazing speakers that will transform every corner of your life.

I believe that when we witness our fears, we can begin to move through them and they no longer have control over our minds and our lives. The summit is all about releasing those

SC: What is “Daring to Live” inspired from and what is it all about?

Nicki: My blog Daring to Live was hatched after the birth of my first child. As I stared into his eyes the moment I first saw him, a very heavy feeling of wanting him to go after everything he ever dreamt of came over me and I quickly realized that I could never expect him to go after his dreams if I wasn’t able to – I wanted to show him how it was done. So I started on a mission to get back to ‘myself’, to clear some space for my dreams and get excited about life again. That journey over the past few years has been remarkable and brought me to a place I never would have expected.

My desire to write had always been within me, I simply had buried it under all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘to-do’s’ I felt life was comprised of. As I started to carve out time to write, I realized that there were so many other women out there who are also ‘stuffing’ their dreams into a dark place within them, waiting for when the timing was right, when they had enough money, etc, etc. I wanted to put a stop to that and show women there was another way.

The Daring to Live community is all about dropping labels, dreaming big and building momentum for the life that you desire. It is about connecting to that source within yourself and giving permission for it to fly.

SC: What is one major lesson/learning you are taking away from Fearless Freedom, as well as your experience involved in it?

Nicki: The journey of producing the fear.less freedom summit has been an interesting one. It has pushed me to the edge of my own fear and has forced me to really get clear of what I desire in my own life.

Every person who attends the summit will walk away with a new perspective on their fear and how to move through it so it no longer consumes you.

The entire experience is definitely still unfolding. The women and connections I have made by reaching out and following my dreams will truly enrich my life for years to come.

SC: Why is community important to you (personally)?

Nicki: Community is everything. I believe belonging is at the core for all of us. We all want to be connected to others and belong to a community that understands and supports us. Up until the past few years, my community felt very detached – I had to actually go out and start creating my own community, find other like-minded people. It was a bit terrifying at first… but I consistently started showing up and surrounding myself with people that were aligned with the purpose of being their authentic self and leading with their hearts.

SC: What can Vancouverites do to live more Fearlessly and Freely?

Nicki: Get out and start doing the one thing you are most afraid of. You don’t have to conquer it overnight but just take one step… today. I blog a lot about starting today; signing up for that class, buying that web domain, sharing your dreams with someone you love and trust. The more life force you put behind your dreams, the easier the momentum is to build. And when you have the momentum of your dreams behind you, freedom is yours.

One of my favorite quotes is “on the other side of fear lies freedom” and I believe the more you move towards that fear, the more the fear starts to melt away.

SC: What is a personal experience you have had where social networking has benefited you in accomplishing your dreams and your goals?

Nicki: Social networking has been the basis of how I have started to create my community. We are all connected virtually and every day I am welcoming in new members to my community because they read about me somewhere or someone shared one of my posts. It has provided me the means in which to connect and collaborate with women that I might never of had the opportunity otherwise.

SC: What is some advice that you would like to share to aspiring community leaders out there who want to make a difference?

Nicki: If you truly want to make a difference, you need to BE the difference. My personal mantra is ‘be the change I want to see in this world’ and that resonates on every level for me. Be the woman, wife, mother, thought leader that I want to see in this world.

Every person can make a difference, even if it’s in one person’s life. We each hold great capacity to be of service to one another and to our world through being who we authentically are, showing up grounded in love and willing to reach out.

SC: What are your socially conscious contributions to your community, and what inspired the idea behind them?

Nicki: Every year the fear.less freedom summit will be ‘hosting’ a benefitting charity. This year, The Passion Foundation will be onsite, telling the women of the summit about their mission. I also feel that our entire brand is dedicated to social consciousness and that with every encounter we make through the events and programs, we are having a ripple effect throughout the whole world.

602506_507789819246307_1974409121_nThe fear.less revolution launches Feb 2, 2013 – to get your tickets go to
Can’t make it to the summit… Hop on over to Daring to Live to see other programs & events that will ignite your life into action!
Connect with Nicki on Facebook
And on twitter: @Nicki_Bullock

Writer: Sara Rose McKenna
t: @smckennaSC
Editor: Krista McKenna
t: @kmckennaSC

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