SOCIAL MEDIA TALKS- My personality… in social media:

From a personal perspective…

So much of the multimedia content you are bombarded with today is overwhelmed with pre-packaged character traits, stigmas, expectations and assumptions. For someone like myself (brutally honest and upfront), constantly being subject to all that white noise can become draining and will often times cause me to cut those sources out of my daily life.

Because of that understanding, I developed a personal rule for how I conduct both my personal and professional world, and my rule is this:

I am, and will always be, ME (whatever ME may be).

I keep it short, to the point and sweet.

I am an multifaceted, growing/learning/changing/loving being that will never allow outside expectations or limitations to infect my inwards and outwards presentation of self.

People perceive and utilize true aspects of ”me” in my relationships to them in my ventures, and that works well with all the projects and passions I contribute to in my professional world today.

How does all this impact my social media presentation?

It shows the social media ruled world that with me, what you see is what you get.

People respect and understand that.

Like my Transparency post states, remaining true to your morals, maintaining integrity and being honest is valued in respect to consumer engagement and review.

In conclusion, my social media personality is Krista McKenna.

Honest, upfront, young, old, mature, immature, faulted, perfect, talented, successful, failure- whatever I am, have been and will grow to be.

I have found that because of my rule, my projects and public understanding has grown- benefiting my intentions for this blog and its construction to be an outlet to share the community and social projects I support.

Social City Networking INC (SCN) is a collaborative organization that works to support local businesses and community initiatives by connecting like-minded individuals through the utilization and education of social media platforms and public events. SCN maintains an honest and genuine approach by keeping a strong integral structure and a client base that reflects the same values. By doing such, SCN has developed an word of mouth reputation as being an prominent and positive organization in their industry.


Writer: Krista McKenna
t: @kmckennaSC

Social City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2013


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