SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING interviews: April Bellia – FOUNDER of GRANOLA GIRL // SOCIAL in the CITY – Fearless Freedom Summit, Vancouver//

Social City Networking is all about COMMUNITY, and encouraging members of each community to become more engaged positively in theirs! We encourage people to become community leaders, and that they are capable of anything – that networking and connecting to like-minded individuals positively contribute to both personal and professional aspects of your life! We recently partnered with a incredible event called the Fearless Freedom Summit – where a room full of incredible passionate women came to share their stories of success and community contribution.  We had the opportunity to meet and connect with the inspiring April Bellia of Granola Girl and felt that sharing her personal story and advice could help people realize their own potential and capabilities.
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SC: Describe what community means to you in one word:

April: Support.

SC: Why are you participating in the upcoming Fearless Freedom Summit? (What about it spoke to you?)

April: As I am moving through my own fears of running a business and personal life changes, I knew that sharing my story would provide comfort, healing and support for those who attended.  In helping others, I also heal myself! Facing fears can actually be seen as a gift that allows for positive changes and personal growth to occur.  Living in Fear is like living in a fog…the good news is, the fog eventually lifts after a lot of hard work and courage.

SC: What about Vancouver attracted you to become engaged positively in the community, and how do you feel being engaged benefits the community?

April: The community supports me and has helped my grow my business.  I work with colleges/UBC students and the YMCA so that I can give back to my community. I I have also created a community of like minded women who are entrepreneurs and who also seek the support and encouragement of other women through the Serendipity Tea Parties. This is a group of amazing and inspiring women in Vancouver and I hope to meet many more! I am lucky enough to witness the genius in others and work with very talented and creative entrepreneurs.

SC: What is Granola Girl inspired from, and what is it all about?

April: Having a baking background and after running a wedding cake business for 12 years, I wanted to create an everyday product that was both healthy and delicious.  After working with an intuitive Marketing maven and a speaking coach, I developed the message and mission of Granola Girl –to celebrate and empower the everyday girl and build a community of supported and inspired women who pursue their passions and live a life of purpose!

SC: What is one major lesson/learning you are taking away from your journey so far with Granola Girl, as well as your experience involved in it?

April: Perseverance is the key. Stay focused and committed to your vision. Trust that the universe is conspiring to make your vision happen.

SC: Why is community important to you (personally)?

April: Reaching out to my community has enable me to flex my courage muscles.  Feeling supported and encouraged is what keeps me going and is highly motivating. To know that my product and message is inspiring to others makes me want to continue to produce granola and speak at events to spread the GG message. It’s personally important to me because I know everyone has a story to tell and everyone has the right to be heard. I was the girl in high school that just blended in and I was the wall flower. Now, I can say I have created a product that is getting great attention and is truly memorable! Sharing MY truth and being accepted is very healing for the high school wallflower in me.

SC: In your own opinion, how would you encourage others to live more Fearlessly and Freely?

April: Do things that make your heart sing. Make a list of all your loved ones and what they mean to you and THANK them! Deepen your relationships with others. Surround yourself with positive people. Be grateful. Love yourself.

SC: What is a personal experience you have had where social networking has benefited you in accomplishing your dreams and your goals?

April: My facebook page allows me to connect with our fans by posting pictures/comments. We can make announcements in real time for events. We can post new celebrations like the Granola Girl RAP video! Facebook and Twitter are the outlets that allow me to stay connected with my Granola Girl community and for my community to have easy access to me!

SC: What is some advice that you would like to share to aspiring community leaders out there?

April: Once you find your message and your truth, be honest and share with others without holding back and without fear of being judged. Your audience will connect with you when you share from the heart.

SC: What are your and Granola Girl’s socially conscious contributions to your community, and what inspired the idea behind them?

April:I have developed community partnerships with Conscious Diva’s…the inspiration comes from seeing the same women at similar events and recognizing that are all on a journey of personal growth. I love witnessing the growth and positive changes in the women that I meet. To see where they came from and to celebrate successes along the way is very inspiring to me!

I also work with ubc business students and entrepreneur groups to tell my story and share MY way of growing my business.  This is not the textbook way that is taught in school –I focus on building relationships with customers and focusing on the “why” of the business.  So far, it has been well received! Working with the YMCA “youth mean business’ program has allowed me to mentor budding entrepreneurs while offering support and encouragement.  It is a great way for me to give back the knowledge and experience I have gained from creating my own business.

Check this out: Granola Girl will also be working with the Passion Foundation to assist with Fundraising so that girls can have access to programs such as the Passion Project, that will help them achieve personal success and they will eventually become great leaders in their communities. Talk about positive engagement in Vancouver’s community!

Writer: Sara Rose McKenna
t: @smckennaSC

Social City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2013

Social City Networking INC.


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