SOCIAL CITY NETWORKING interviews: Alex Jacobs – Spoken Word Artist // SOCIAL in the CITY – Talking Stick Festival, Vancouver//

Social City Networking is all about COMMUNITY, and encouraging members of each community to become more engaged positively in theirs! We encourage people to become community leaders, and that they are capable of anything – that networking and connecting to like-minded individuals positively contribute to both personal and professional aspects of your life! We recently partnered with a incredible event called the Full Circle First Nations Performance: Talking Stick Festival – where incredible artists, performers and story tellers came together to share the first nations culture through song, drumming, and dance. We had the opportunity to meet and connect with the spoken word poet Alex Jacobs  from The Talking Stick Festival Ab-Original Spokenwordscapes performance to find out what COMMUNITY means to him.

Alex Jacobs

Alex Jacobs

SC: Describe what community means to you in one word:


Alex: SHARING (whether you want to or not)


SC: Why are you participating in the upcoming Talking Stick Festival? (What about it spoke to you?)
Alex: I had such a great time last year, found a brand new audience who connected to my work, so they found a way to get the best out of me and my poetry partner Janet Rogers with the AB-ORIGINAL SPOKENWORDSCAPE 3 day workshop & performance.
SC: What inspires your poetry, and how does it fit with the Talking Stick Festival experience?
Alex: Talking Stick Festival and I are made for each other, we know each other without having met – as artist & host, it was Janet Rogers recommendation to Margo Kane (Full Circle First Nations Performance founder) that got me here. The poetry I’ve been performing the last few years is actually 10-20-30 years old, from my activist days with Native Press and Radio (Akwesasne Notes, Akwekon Journal, CKON Mohawk Nation Radio). As I got back into performing, I started writing new material. I got wrapped up in my visual arts and constant marketing so I got away from performing. It was my son DJ Duran Flint who modernized my old poetry w music and Janet Rogers who heard it and so that got me going into the present day performance mode, like I never even left it.
SC: What about Vancouver attracted you to become engaged positively in the community, and how do you feel being engaged benefits the community?
Alex: Talking Stick Festival is connected into the Vancouver community, so I arrive immediately into it all. I feel Vancouver is a very vibrant cultural city, even as I read that the artists want and need more support or infrastructure.
SC: What is one major lesson/learning you are taking away from your journey so far with Talking Stick Festival?
Alex: See above. I want to thank Margo Kane for organizing the AB-ORIGINAL SOUNDSCAPE event, I call it a 3 Day workshop & performance, as it so resembles my first experience w performance classes, 30 years at Kansa City Art Institute. I have been trying to promote this type of workshop for years, it worked for us as students and you can see it definitely works for us performers today. If people see the results then maybe we can get more of these 3 day performance events in communities and schools.
SC: Why is community important to you (personally)?
Alex: There is no One Community, every vibrant place is a community of communities.
SC: What is a personal experience you have had where social networking has benefited you in accomplishing your dreams and your goals?
Alex: My participation in the INDIAN REZERVATION BLUES project, a 3-CD contemporary native music project from Dixie Frog Music in France; and, my getting to Talking Stick Festival, twice.
To find out more about Full Circle First Nations Performance and the Talking Stick Festival, check out their website: 

Writer: Sara Rose McKenna
t: @smckennaSCSocial City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2013
Social City Networking INC.


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