Five Reasons to be SOCIAL in your CITY.

Try picturing your day-to-day life stripped of all social interaction.

… Pretty boring isn’t it?

What does it mean to be “SOCIAL”? Why is it important for both your personal and professional life?

People need people. Ironically enough, with today’s day and age, the term ‘social’ has almost completely moved its meaning to ‘social media’. People are so plugged in that the value of face to face interaction has lost its impact. Social media was developed to be a tool and yet we find our youth developing more and more social disabilities and anxieties when it comes to face to face interactions. Studies have begun to show that our younger generations have begun to lose the understanding or ability to communicate outside of acronyms and online slag, having no understanding of body language and find more comfort staying behind a computer screen vs getting outside to interact. Attention and absorption of copy has become lost if the copy pushes the 140 character boundary (Thank you twitter!).


How does a economy/community grow with out person-to-person interaction?

Where would you be in your personal life today had you not made at least one connection with another individual?

What about your professional life?

At Social City Networking, we strive to create and encourage those face-to-face social exchanges to mutually benefit both your professional and personal life. By using social media as a TOOL, we share different social opportunities within our city, to support and encourage creating face-to-face offline environments, instead of keeping it online. The power that comes from being socially engaged within your community is endless, and we want to share that power with you!

Five Reasons to be more SOCIAL in your CITY:

1) It’s fun!

Lets face it- a life without social interactions would be pretty dang bland. Local events, networking opportunities, chance meetings with community members, even chatting up your barista while they make your hand crafted beverage can brighten up your (and their) day! Get out there, make eye contact and say hello!

2) It’s healthy!

Need to counteract your stress levels? Feeling a little anxious? Studies show that a little face to face interaction can relax and alleviate negative mindsets. Need a break? Take a hour and get out into your community. We promise you will feel better.

3) It’s constructive!

Need some insight on a problem or challenge? Talk it out. Hearing other people’s perspectives and opinions help expand your understanding and in turn, help you find your solutions. There is a reason why we all had high school counsellors!

4) It builds your professionalism!

What respected business individual doesn’t have a wicked social game?!
Its impossible to succeed and grow in the professional world without great social skills. Sharpen your inner social ninja by getting more active within your community and you’ll close your next deal faster, or make those beneficial business connections easier.

5) It creates opportunity!

When you walk out your door, you never know who your going to run into. Reese Witherspoon (potential next BFF), Channing Tatum (future husband- MOVE ASIDE Jenna Dewan!), or Warren Buffett (potential mentor), the opportunities are endless! 99.9% of the people we know met their spouses, partners, friends and mentors through a random social interaction – so get out there!

How can you beat that?! You can’t. Point: Social Networking  is GREAT for you.

Getting #SOCIALinyourCITY could only ever be a good thing and we challenge you to test it! Try it for yourself- join us for our #SOCIALintheCITY adventures and we promise, you won’t regret it!

Looking for where and when to get SOCIAL? We’ve got you covered. Check in for our monthly SOCIAL in the CITY Social Calendar – February 2014 is launching tomorrow!

We cover local community events like the farmers market, networking mixers, concerts and more!

Writer: Krista McKenna
t: @kmckennaSC

Social City Networking INC.: SOCIAL in the CITY 2014


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