Incase you didn’t know, SCN is a super proud partner of the movement & event called G Day for Girls


G Day is a new global social movement anchored by day-long events that celebrate and empower girls ages 10-12 as they transition into adolescence. We seek to resurrect, modernize and share the wisdom and mystery that were once passed down from generation to generation.

G Day honours this rite of passage by tapping into our collective sense of curiosity, bravery and  excitement at the amazing changes taking place. Our goal is to create a space where girls can come together and explore what makes them unique as individuals as well as what connects them to one another.


Tickets are $75 each and include a nutritious catered lunch, snacks, beverages and souvenir journal.

Please also consider making a donation towards the G Day Scholarship fund (listed below regular tickets here), which will provide free and partially-sponsored tickets to girls who would not otherwise be able to attend for financial reasons.

Buy Tickets Online »

Sponsored Tickets

A limited number of sponsored tickets are available for families who need help with the ticket price. We are accepting applications until February 28, 2014. Please click here to apply for a sponsored ticket.


G Day is a full-day event that is almost entirely volunteer-run and financed by generoussponsors, without whose support it would not be possible.

The G Day agenda will include:

  • inspiring speakers and expert facilitators

  • dance and yoga-based activities

  • a musical performance

  • crafts and journaling

  • small breakout groups where girls can share their responses to the day’s activities with one another

  • a non-denominational coming-of-age ceremony

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