Moments captured from #SOCIALintheCITY at Wanderlust Whistler // Yoga, Meditation & Music Festival – July 31st – August 4th 2014


What a experience! This festival is one that definitely stands on it’s own. With everything from yoga practices on the peaks of mountains, meditations deep within the quiet of forests, live music and dancing in the heart of Whistler village, #SOCIALintheCITY was there to experience, capture and share the entire experience!




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Official Social City Networking INC. Photo. All Rights Reserved. Photographer: Tammy Maltese

Official Social City Networking INC. Photo. All Rights Reserved. Photographer: Tammy Maltese


Here are some of our favorites from Wanderlust Whistler 2014:

  1. Eoin Finn of Blissology‘s classes: Yes, we mean all of them. Eoin is a westcoast native who’s style of practice is all based upon surfing, the benefits of yoga for the body as well as the mind, strengthening your core foundations, and just being stoked on the natural beauty of our westcoast environment. Not only did you do some healthy sweating in his class, but you also danced, laughed, had fun, and show gratitude for all the incredible resources that living in BC has to offer us.
    Fun Facts: You get plenty of opportunity to break down barriers with your classmates. Group hugs, random high-fives, and friendly butt slaps are highly encouraged during Eoin’s classes.
    Find out more about Eoin Finn:
  2. Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires live performance:  This man is unbelievable. By far one of the best performances I have ever experienced. This man has soul right through to his bones, and gave his absolute all to his performance. With 3 costume changes throughout the evening (his style is very Elvis-esque with a mixture of Hendrix and Motown thrown in), the 65-year-old icon hip-shaked, sweated, and used every bit of power in his lungs to seduce the entire audience. His notorious dance moves (including a couple of jump splits!), and extremely talent band stole the festival.
    Find out more about Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires:
  3. Seane Corn‘s Detox Flow class: Seane Corn understands the vital foundations of mind and body connection like no other teacher I’ve come across. While putting you through a practice of detox creating poses and sequences, she also provides a conversation of the importance of personally well-being that stems from a very obvious authenticity. Her knowledge of anatomy and how it can get twisted up when emotional trauma or disconnect occurs is truly valuable, and at the end of the class you can feel the good work that you just put your body through, as well as a sense of clarity and focus that you want to continue moving forward.
    Find out more about Seane Corn:
  4. Alex Mazerolle of DISTRIKT MOVEMENT & Girlvana Yoga‘s classes: This is another teacher that I will always sign up for any class she offers. Not only does the girl know her stuff, but her personality truly shines through her practice, and you immediately feel comfortable, excited, and as if you’re hanging out with a group of friends when you’re in her practice. She’s grounded, gets real, and throws laughter in at any possible opportunity. I personally really loved each of her classes that she offered – I met awesome people on the mats beside me, I definitely got a solid sweat going, I worked hard, listened to a INCREDIBLE playlist that she custom created for each style of class, laughed, shook my booty, and felt completed regenerated at the end of each class. This girl is a inspiration, and a breathe of fresh air.
    Find out more about Alex:

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Official Social City Networking INC. Photo. All Rights Reserved. Photographer: Tammy Maltese Photography

Wanderlust Festival is definitely one of our top recommended festivals and social experiences to attend, whether it be at next year’s Whistler 2015 Festival, or at a festival near you. For more information about Wanderlust Festival, go to to find a yoga festival near you.


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