#SOCIALintheCITY at Wanderlust Festival 2014 // Whistler – July 31st – Aug 4th // Written by Guest Writer Megan Dalton

#SOCIALintheCITY at Wanderlust Festival 2014  Whistler – July 31st – Aug 4th
Written by Guest Writer Megan Dalton


As I drove into Whistler for Wanderlust I had very few expectations no idea of what the festival would have in store for me. I had never been before  and other than the fact that I knew I would be doing a few downward dogs I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was excited about what the weekend was going to bring and full of anticipation. when I arrived in the village on route to my first class of the day I looked around and saw people in a euphoric like state, flowers in their hair, smiles on their faces and light in their eyes. I knew that there was just something different about this festival from the people’s faces to their attitudes, I felt embraced by complete strangers and awestruck by the humility of everyone surrounding me.

In my first class I experienced the feeling of true community what is was like to breathe with a group and be part of something much greater than myself. There was a sense of openness I had never felt in a group before and I felt like we were all there for one common goal to breathe and feel supported in it. I remember the yoga instructor saying “if you’re not at this place than who is?” it was a great reminder that there is a massive difference between being somewhere and being truly present. As much as I want to be present every day I want to feel like I did in that very moment every second!


The last class I attended was more challenging than what I thought I had signed up for. I have been to many flow and power classes but this was on a whole other level. It was equally challenging mentally as it was physically. Seane Corn was transformative, she shared with us her 6 non-negotiables, this is something everyone should have. The six non-negotiables are things that no matter what happens in your daily life you do not compromise.  These are things like sleep, the food you put into your body, the people you surround yourself with, your attitude, your happy place and your relationships. It encouraged me to find my six and I strive daily to never compromise them. I left the class thinking about how we worry a lot out our diets and our bodies but need to focus more on our mental states. Our mental states are just as important as the food we put into our bodies. You can eat as healthy as you want but if you hold onto negative emotions it really doesn’t matter how good you are to your body. So just let it go!

The whole experience was truly enlightening and as the night approached I couldn’t wait to see Charles Bradley and the Extraordinaries. If you fear aging go see Charles Bradley perform, you’ll be wishing you were 60! I had the pleasure of sharing the experience with new friends and in that moment under the stars I felt full. That the only way to describe it!  As one yoga instructor said we are all full of awe, which makes us all equally awe-ful! Whether you are a yogi or think downward dog is a trick only your dog does, I recommend next year you drop whatever ‘plans’ you deem significant and invest in yourself and attend Wanderlust.  It is a small cost for a major investment in yourself and an experience that will leave you light, lifted and full of love.


Wanderlust Festival is definitely one of our top recommended festivals and social experiences to attend, whether it be at next year’s Whistler 2015 Festival, or at a festival near you. For more information about Wanderlust Festival, go to www.wanderlustfest.com to find a yoga festival near you.


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