Get Warm Project: WE’RE BACK!

Get Warm Project

[ Nov 2014- Feb 2015]
Get Warm Bundle Outreach Program

Get Warm & Get Involved!


We invite you to join and celebrate the Get Warm Project’s fourth consecutive year in helping bring thousands of individuals living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside warm items during the cold winter months! As in previous years, we are looking to the support of members in our community to help us spread warmth to those in need.

This year we have some wonderfully simple ways for you to get involved with us…

1) Collect new or gently used items and donate them at one of our Get Warm Project Donation Box hosts! Like most years, you can get involved with the Get Warm Project by finding a local sponsor and donating any new items that appear on our ‘Get Warm Project Approved List’! These wonderful local businesses host a Get Warm Donation Box, where you can drop off donations for the Get Warm Project, and they will be delivered directly to those in need!

Here’s where you can make a drop off:
Lut Boutique on Main Street (4219 Main Street)

2) You and your co-workers can sponsor an outreach day!
Come together as a team, “fundraise” & collect the Get Warm Bundle items needed, and join us in canvassing our city and hand delivering the Get Warm Project bundles directly to those in need. See more details below or, find out how by contacting

3) Want to put your thinking, design or architectural skills towards a great cause? This year we will be connecting with brilliant minds, local designers and pro-active architects to help conjure some ideas as to how our city can help to create more affordable living spaces. Whether you want to submit a sketch, an essay, or a CAD file as to how you think we can create more affordable, sustainable living in Vancouver, the Get Warm Project will be compiling a series of ideas and bringing them to City Hall in 2015. Email to learn more.

4) Don’t have a team, but want to volunteer? Awesome! We’d love for you to join us on any of the scheduled outreach days! Just email for more information!


5) Share and spread the awareness of Get Warm Project – “Like” and Share our Facebook page, follow us on twitter (@GetWarmProject), and share us with your friends and family – all interested volunteers are welcome to join us!

Sponsor an Outreach Day!

Join us in getting bundles to those in need in our community! When you sponsor an Outreach Day, you and your team will receive a list of needed bundle items, such as fresh socks, etc. to fundraise/collect for. Then, day of your sponsored Bundle Outreach Day, you join us at Get Warm Project to create the bundles together, and then hit the streets to hand them out directly to those in need in our city. Not only do you get to rally together as a team to collect the necessary items for the bundles, but you then get to join us in the humbling and heartwarming experience of literally giving that bundle to someone who needs it, face-to-face.

Outreach Days:
Dec 21st (150 bundles) – HOLIDAY FOCUSED – Open for everyone, invitation for partners to donate additional items for this outreach day ie. Gifts, toys, Christmas cookies, Cards, etc.
Jan 4th (100 bundles)
Jan 25th (100 bundles)
Feb 1st (100 bundles)
* Each day consists of a 2 hour commitment for outreach.

Each Get Warm Bundle consists of one:
Food Token
Blanket (We’ve got this covered. – Thanks Kendor Textiles!)
Bag for items to be carried in
Granola Bar
Coffee Token (Such as $5 gift cards from Tim Hortons or Starbucks.)
Toothbrush & Paste
Soap Bar
Bottle of Water

Each Outreach Day has a goal of creating and handing out 100 Get Warm Bundles – that’s giving 100 people the needed items to not only make them feel good, but protect them from the cold!

To reserve a Get Warm Bundle Outreach Day with us, please contact!


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