Meet Community Influencer Anita Cheung of THE SOCIAL YOGA // Social City Networking Interview

Meet Community Influencer Anita Cheung of THE SOCIAL YOGA // Social City Networking Interview

Social City Networking INC.
is ​about COMMUNITY, encouraging members of the community to become more engaged positively, as well as supporting the businesses and entrepreneurs that strive to create a positive contribution within it. We aim encourage our community to become community leaders, and that they are capable of anything. We believe that networking and connecting to like-­minded individuals positively contributes to both personal and professional aspects of life.

We are proud to have ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA as a #SOCIALintheCITY community influencer, and we decided to share her personal journey in entrepreneurship, and she has a LOT to share!

Meet ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA, a awesome #SOCIALintheCITY Community Influencer!

Meet ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA, a awesome #SOCIALintheCITY Community Influencer!

Describe what community means to you in one word:

Anita: Connection

Why do you do what you do?

Anita: To do my part in developing a world of kinder, more conscious people

What are you passionate about?

Anita: Beautiful design, the power of the mind, and collaboration.

What about Vancouver attracted you to become engaged positively in the community, and how do you feel being engaged benefits the community?

Anita: I used to have a serious gripe with Vancouver- deeming it too small and stuffy. Luckily I snapped out of that rut to see that this city is truly a little piece of magic. I am a firm believer that you see what you believe. Once I stepped out of my comfort zone and into my confidence, I started to see that there are so many incredible people doing their part in building a thriving community and I am constantly inspired by the work ethic and creativity of those around me.

Meet ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA, a awesome #SOCIALintheCITY Community Influencer!

Meet ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA, a awesome #SOCIALintheCITY Community Influencer!

Out of these three words, which one is your favorite and why? Collaborate, Cultivate, Create: 

Anita: Tough choice! I feel like I have to say collaborate because of my answer above but Create is standing out to me- most likely because I love the newness/ novelty of creating something from nothing.

What is THE SOCIAL YOGA inspired from, and what is it all about: 

Anita: Social Yoga is all about using yoga as a tool to connect with great spaces, great people, and most importantly- to connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

We draw inspiration from a variety of things- the slow movement,(shout out to friends at Sincerely Slow), small group workshops and classes (like in dance, pottery, pretty much any other thing we learn in this world isn’t drop in…yet Yoga is), as well as Parisian salons of the past (where groups came together to discuss).

What is one major lesson/learning you are taking away from your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Anita: Patience, patience, patience! By all means, hustle hard, but I have learned to be patient as things unravel. There is only so much you can plan and prepare for and the rest just as to unfold naturally.

Why is community important?

Anita: Because a life without a sense of community is a lonely one and loneliness, for a lack of a better word, sucks.

How is community vital to THE SOCIAL YOGA?

Anita: So much of our business has been through word of mouth and we are so so thankful for that. If it wasn’t for the community we are surrounded by- we wouldn’t have the spaces we are working in now nor the relationships we have now.

The Social Yoga

The Social Yoga

In your own opinion, how would you encourage others to live more socially engaged within our community?

Anita: There are always fun things happening in this supposedly no-fun city. I would suggest people to grab a friend if they’re nervous and check out listings on various sites (including Social City Networking!)

What is a personal experience you have had where being SOCIAL has benefited you in accomplishing your dreams and goals?

Anita: I am self admittedly super awkward and shy in large group/ party/ networking settings and feel much more authentic during one on one coffee dates. However, occasionally, I manage to crawl out of my introverted shell. One time that comes to mind- I was at a friend’s birthday party when I was introduced to a friend of his who is a hobby chef. One thing led to another and Social Yoga ended up partnering with this chef for a series- which is coming up!

What is some advice that you would like to share to people out there when it comes to following their dreams?

Anita: Surround yourself with people who will build you up- especially at the beginning. We are (generally) our own worse critic and when you’re just starting to craft the possibility of a dream, there is no room for Debbie downers. Tell your realist friends to wait a few months before knocking on your door.

What are your socially conscious contributions to your community, and what inspired the idea behind them?

Anita: Wow, this question really kicked me in the butt. I used to teach free/ by-donation yoga on the regular but slipped out of that practice once I focused more on Social Yoga. I’ll still occasionally teach free/ donation classes but definitely not as often as before. I’ve always set it as a “one day” thing to donate to a mental health organization, as that is very near and dear to me. There was also always the intention to have a “suspended yoga class” option through Social Yoga… so I should probably start setting that up soon.

 What is your favorite local spot to get #SOCIALintheCITY, and why?

Anita: Asides from coffee dates and workouts (shout out to the Distrikt in North Van!), I always seem to bump into rad people at 33 Acres and anything that’s happening at This Open Space.


How do you feel small businesses and professionals can benefit from being SOCIAL within their community?

Anita: When we’re focusing on our own craft, we can often forget to surface for air. Getting social within the community is an opportunity to be reminded that your work is not your life (although it may feel like that) and who knows- there may be some fun collaborations and people who are waiting to be discovered.

How do you feel small businesses/professionals can benefit from being SOCIAL online?

Anita: So much of our business comes from our online community. Being social online keeps you connected with what your people (industry friends, fellow businesses, competition, future and present clients) are doing.

What are your thoughts on Social City Networking and its work?

Anita: You gals are rad and doing a great job of being in the know of all the fun things happening with #SOCIALintheCITY!


To read more about ANITA and her company THE SOCIAL YOGA, check out these: here, here, and here. We have her current yoga series listings also included here in our #SOCIALintheCITY Social Calendar for April!

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