A Night at The Juicery Co. – Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places // Written by Mara Falstein

#SOCIALintheCITY at A Night at The Juicery Co. — Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places // Written by Mara Falstein


A Night At is an ongoing Sunday event founded by AllyMaz and Adri on intriguing, women driven topics. Our goal is to connect our community and learn from each other’s offerings.


Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an event conceived of by Adriana Koc-Spadaro, a chance for a group of women in Vancouver to come together in conversation meant to engage, inspire, and connect.
This installment took us to the original location of The Juicery Co, a cute little juice shop on the North Shore of Vancouver, where the night centered around a talk given by founder, Alex Troll. Alex co-founded The Juicery Co while still in her early twenties and hearing her talk about the business while seeing the physical result of all her hard work, it’s clear that her heart and soul are neatly tucked away into each and every nook and cranny of this passion project-turned full on business.

Alex Troll of The Juicery Co. // #SOCIALintheCITY
Hearing about her journey from idea to proposal to launch and beyond, I was seriously awe-struck; however, it would take me the whole night to truly put my finger on the full truth of this emotion. Here is this incredible young woman who without much knowledge of running a food business but excited by a newfound love of juicing and the role that it played in her grandfather’s cancer treatment—set out determined to launch a business by researching like crazy and asking questions and help of those around her. All the elements fell into place and slowly but surely, idea gave way to business through trust—trust in her vision, trust in her passion, trust in the idea that if she came up against a hurdle, she’d research her way right out of it. And when tiny failures happened, she would handle them. “Blue Skies” she called it, a term borrowed from her time working for Aritizia.  Never design your dream with contingencies—if nothing was stopping you, what would you dream up? And man was it inspiring.

Alex Troll and Christina Prevost display some of the juice drinks on the menu at The Juicery Co. in North Vancouver. Photo Mike Wakefield

Alex Troll and Christina Prevost display some of the juice drinks on the menu at The Juicery Co. in North Vancouver. Photo Mike Wakefield

But that piece of the puzzle I couldn’t quite put my finger on fell into place while chatting with some of the ladies after the event. I realized it was undeniably inspiring to believe that someone armed with passion and a strong idea was able to open such a flourishing, successful business; however, there was a hesitation for me. Something about it still felt foreign and I realized it comes down to a fundamental personality difference. I am a cautious planner. I always have been and always will be. I like to have all of the pieces of the puzzle in place before I jump into something. This isn’t to say I can’t succeed if pushed in before I have everything figured out; it’s simply my preference. I realized that this would be a huge hurdle for me to overcome if I were to decide and open my own business tomorrow. I would have a very hard time trusting that everything would work out when so much was at stake—money, my credit, my time. Again, this is not to say that I couldn’t do it, I just think if I were to enter into a business venture it would be exciting and incredibly exhilarating if I pulled it off, but it would be complicated necessarily by huge levels of stress and anxiety.

All this to say that it got me really thinking. Can you draw inspiration from someone when you feel like you are fundamentally different kinds of people? I think the answer is a resounding, obvious yes. While it’s obviously very encouraging to see someone who you feel a kinship with succeed at something you’ve always dreamed of, there’s something completely different (yet equal valuable) to be gained by hearing from someone who approaches problem-solving from a different angle—perspective. Yes it might not be what feels most comfortable to you, yes it might not be what feels easiest, but have you considered it? It’s a way to peer into someone else’s brain for a minute and remember that everyone thinks differently, everyone pulls from a different background of experiences perched upon their fundamental, inherent personality traits. And what might not even occur to you as a way to solve a problem is probably the first thing someone else thinks of.

That, to me, is truly inspiring. That’s why I feel excited when I walk out of events like this, buzzing with an energy that makes me want to go out there and create. I feed on the energy of remembering that we are all fundamentally different from one another. We all think differently. We ALL have something to offer the world and it’s completely unique.

To find out more about The Juicery Co., check out their website: www.thejuiceryco.ca

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