Meet ALEX MAZEROLLE, Community Mover and Shaker (Literally.) // #SOCIALintheCITY Interview

Alex is a twenty-something Vancouver based entrepreneur. She is a lady on a mission to help women and girls come together and rise. She is passionate about real talk, the transformative power of movement and all things nature. She is a Lululemon Ambassador, the yoga teacher for EA SPORTS app YOGIFY, a past Pecha Kucha Speaker, worked with the Vancouver Canucks, has lent her yoga expertise to Marie Claire Uk and Flare Magazine, a Wanderlust Festival teacher and more importantly super into naps and rap music. She is known for her sense of humour, warmth and no bullshit approach.

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5 things I’m looking forward to at Wanderlust // Written by Anita Cheung of SOCIAL YOGA

The number one thing I am looking forward to most this weekend is the opportunity to unplug, reconnect, and get nourished. In my first year of Wanderlust, I was adamant on taking as many classes as possible- and completely burnt myself out. Last year, I shared how my favourite moments were the ones off the mat- when I was at the lake or sitting on the grass between classes, journaling and people-watching. Finding space and stillness in-between activity is so important for feeling nourished and recharged and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to do a little bit of nothing in such a beautiful environment.

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Reconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

When you walk down the streets nowadays what do you encounter? Or I should say do you encounter anything at all in regards to human interaction? In today’s society we often find ourselves face down in our phones and technology, too busy to engage in anything around us in the real world. When was the last time you had a real conversation with a stranger? I walk down the streets of Vancouver, all I see are empty faces and heads of hair that are tilted down into their virtual world. When you make eye contact with a stranger on the street nowadays, their typical response is to quickly look down at their phones as a way out of a human interaction…

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Preparing the Body (and Mind) for Wanderlust Whistler // Written by Mara Falstein

When I finally decided I was going to my very first Wanderlust Festival at Whistler this summer, I made a vow to myself to take it seriously. I would treat it like training for a yoga marathon, I told myself. I would train and build up my yoga muscles to prepare my body for the five consecutive days of yoga, hiking, stand up paddleboarding, and whatever else I might come across which might take a physical toll on my body.

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With Your Eyes Shut – 3 Steps To Visualizing // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

Sit down, breathe, and close your eyes. What do you see? What are you able to piece together in your mind to bring vision to life when you have your eyes closed?

Those two questions, are what we will go through. Visualization is something we as humans have such a distinct difference over any other creature. When we close our eyes, we are able to visualize what will become of us in our future, you can play out situations in your mind as if it were happening in front of you at that very moment. Whether your goals are performance related or mental health related to get through hard times in life, visualization can have a huge impact on your confidence, and calmness in high pressure situations.

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