With Your Eyes Shut – 3 Steps To Visualizing // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

With Your Eyes Shut

Sit down, breathe, and close your eyes. What do you see? What are you able to piece together in your mind to bring vision to life when you have your eyes closed?

Those two questions, are what we will go through. Visualization is something we as humans have such a distinct difference over any other creature. When we close our eyes, we are able to visualize what will become of us in our future, you can play out situations in your mind as if it were happening in front of you at that very moment. Whether your goals are performance related or mental health related to get through hard times in life, visualization can have a huge impact on your confidence, and calmness in high pressure situations.

3 STEPS TO #VISUALIZING // WRITTEN BY JEREMY VAUGHAN // #visualization #manifestation #goalgetter

What I want you to do is follow these simple instructions, I say simple because you need to think of this as being simple as we do not want to complicate our minds when we are trying to grasp some more control of it. First, get into a space that is quiet, free of distraction, what helped me when I started was a dark place, free of loud noise and fast movements. This will calm your senses down which is key as you again, are trying to control them so they can’t be reckless, it’s like trying to grab a hold of a raging bull when its set free in the open, you need to have the bull in its starting gate so you can hop on with some ease. Second, calm your breathing down, take big deep breathes in and out, slowly, this will help you focus. Now, close your eyes, don’t be fearful of what you may see, don’t let fear hold you back from something you may see yourself doing. At first you may see nothing, this may be because you have too much on your mind going on in your head, this is why I stress you must be calm, and be very present in the moment. You must take yourself where you want to go, what is bugging you? Grab a picture that relates to what you want to visualize about, look at it, and understand the picture and the meaning behind it. Go through the 3 steps, now put yourself in that moment where you want to be, is it to defeat your fear of being in that situation?

3 STEPS TO #VISUALIZING // WRITTEN BY JEREMY VAUGHAN // #visualization #manifestation #goalgetter

I have found immense positive outcomes from visualizing my presentations, classes, and my survival in certain situations. It has helped me get through the toughest times of my life, the tough conversations, and the big interviews. All you need to do is open your mind to a new possibility of thinking. The mind is an amazing thing we have that has great power to be tapped into. Most of us go through life not tapping into this power, thinking they can’t. Your wrong, every person can tap into visualization. Place yourself in that moment you want to be in, but in your mind first, engage your mind to play the video, with you nailing that presentation, acing the interview, and you will open your eyes with such renewed self-confidence, self-worth, and power about what you may be walking into in life. You already got the hard one out of the way, so by the time you actually step in front of a crowd of people, or face those situations, you already have such confidence in how you will deal with them, it will feel like just another daily task.

I will go into more in depth lessons on visualization in future blogs, but for now, work on those 3 steps, hone the skill to where visualization becomes second nature when you close your eyes to get you through situations on the fly.

Info about Jeremy, and JVFitness:

3 STEPS TO #VISUALIZING // WRITTEN BY JEREMY VAUGHAN // #visualization #manifestation #goalgetter


JVFitness started from a passion of helping people. From Jeremy’s childhood onward he has always been helping the community, from mowing senior’s lawns when he was a child to helping our community come together in the quest for redefining how we look at health and wellness. JVFitness focuses on not only the physical side of health but also the mental side, each needs to be healthy. Starting a class for troubled youth is the next goal for JVFitness, because it’s these next generations that will shape our world for generations to come. You can find JVFitness making people sweat and having fun all over the Vancouver area with classes focused on running like Night Flights, a class at Eastwood Cycle “The cirCUT” Saturdays at 8am, and a couple others. For more info, check out the Facebook page JVFitness. Jeremy grew up in the Fraser Valley where he played soccer all through his child and teenage years. He has always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors, having traveled all over British Columbia camping and hiking. He is a current Human Kinetics Student at Capilano University where he is honing his passion for helping people in many circumstances. He is currently also writing a book on how visualization can help your performance and your daily lives.

Stay tuned for more guest posts from Jeremy!


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