Reconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

When you walk down the streets nowadays what do you encounter? Or I should say do you encounter anything at all in regards to human interaction? In today’s society we often find ourselves face down in our phones and technology, too busy to engage in anything around us in the real world. When was the last time you had a real conversation with a stranger? I walk down the streets of Vancouver, all I see are empty faces and heads of hair that are tilted down into their virtual world. When you make eye contact with a stranger on the street nowadays, their typical response is to quickly look down at their phones as a way out of a human interaction. We do this far too often it seems, not caring about what your response has just done to the person who looked at you. Take for example a homeless person asking you for change – what is the typical response you see given to this person? What I see is people giving nothing to him, not even a response or a look directly at him, making him feel invisible to the world around him as if he doesn’t matter in this world. When this happens to me, I always look at the person asking for change and politely tell them I have no change to give them and I am sorry. It is the least that I can do, to make them feel noticed in a world that is harsh to them. That is half of what these people are asking for, to be noticed. You may not have money to give to them, not a lot of us do have that luxury in life to give money away. But what you do have is your attention and words to give to them. All humans need human to human interactions to keep sane in life.

Reconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan #SOCIALintheCITY

I challenge you to give your attention and words to 20 random strangers every day for a week. Not only will it make them feel great but you will also feel elevated. When a random person gives you a friendly smile, doesn’t it feel good? It feels good to me, it lifts me up and puts a smile on my face if I am feeling a little down. It can change people’s days just by flexing your face muscles, and hey – it does you a favor by giving your face a workout.

Reconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan #SOCIALintheCITY

In a world full of technology and social media, it has helped us connect to people worldwide in an instant. It has opened the door to worldwide connections that weren’t possible before in the older generations. But what it has also done is taken away the face to face interactions, the random conversations you would have with people you don’t know when you are out and about. Those are real human interactions, not over a computer or smartphone, for such a smart device is it making the human race a little less willing to face each other in a true interaction. It is making us hide behind a screen for conversations, for meeting each other, for feeling safe. This is what I find messed up, we only feel safe now having conversations over the phone or social media rather than meeting up with new people. You see more and more people now having difficult times having real conversations, not the small talk kind, with people they just meet for the simple fact of having such a lack of it throughout their recent lives.

Reconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan #SOCIALintheCITY

You would be amazed at how much the world opens up to you when you simply connect to it. You see things in a different way, you have renewed energy, and you affect the people around you in positive ways. This isn’t a drastic change you have to make in life, it’s one that you probably did all the time before the invention of the smart phone. Step up, with one making a change, it will bring another, and then another. If you can make an impact in the world, wouldn’t you want to be a part of it? So be the face of change, positive energy flowing through the world is something we can always use more of, someone is always having a bad day, let’s make sure we can support each other and rise up on another to make a better place for all.

Info about Jeremy, and JVFitness:

JVFitnessReconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan #SOCIALintheCITY started from a passion of helping people. From Jeremy’s childhood onward he has always been helping the community, from mowing senior’s lawns when he was a child to helping our community come together in the quest for redefining how we look at health and wellness. JVFitness focuses on not only the physical side of health but also the mental side, each needs to be healthy.Starting a class for troubled youth is the next goal for JVFitness, because it’s these next generations that will shape our world for generations to come. You can find JVFitness making people sweat and having fun all over the Vancouver area with classes focused on running like Night Flights, a class at Eastwood Cycle “The cirCUT” Saturdays at 8am, and a couple others. For more info, check out the Facebook page JVFitness. Jeremy grew up in the Fraser Valley where he played soccer all through his child and teenage years. He has always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors, having traveled all over British Columbia camping and hiking. He is a current Human Kinetics Student at Capilano University where he is honing his passion for helping people in many circumstances. He is currently also writing a book on how visualization can help your performance and your daily lives.


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