5 things I’m looking forward to at Wanderlust // Written by Anita Cheung of SOCIAL YOGA

5 things I'm looking forward to at Wanderlust // Written by Anita Cheung of SOCIAL YOGA5 Things I’m looking forward to at Wanderlust // Written by Anita Cheung

5.   The high vibrations
Just like how everyone is a little bit cheerier around Christmas, Wanderlust is like Christmas in July for yogis. Everyone walks around feeling stoked on life and excited for possibility and experiences. The air is fresh, the juice is green, and the love is real. Trust me- I can feel it in my fingers and in my toes.

4. The unconventional classes
Always wanted to try a handstand on a slackline or do a moving meditation in the form of an ayurvedic hike? Well, look no further. Wanderlust is the perfect opportunity to step way out of your Power Vinyasa comfort zone and into something a little less conventional.

3. The learnings
This year will be my third year at Wanderlust (and fourth Wanderlust experience) yet every year I leave refreshed and with a takeaway. From inspirational Speakeasies and teaching clinics to learnings from reflection throughout the weekend, there is always something to be uncovered and discovered.

2. The glits and glam
I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of the fun of Wanderlust is the concerts, the parties and after parties, and the sweet limited edition lululemon gear. Half kidding about this one but there is definitely more to the weekend than just yoga and conscious snacking. Whistler comes alive with stunning performances and fun booths and activities around every corner.

1. The in-between moments
The number one thing I am looking forward to most this weekend is the opportunity to unplug, reconnect, and get nourished. In my first year of Wanderlust, I was adamant on taking as many classes as possible- and completely burnt myself out. Last year, I shared how my favorite moments were the ones off the mat- when I was at the lake or sitting on the grass between classes, journaling and people-watching. Finding space and stillness in-between activity is so important for feeling nourished and recharged and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to do a little bit of nothing in such a beautiful environment.

To find out more about ANITA, and THE SOCIAL YOGA, go here.

Meet ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA, a awesome #SOCIALintheCITY Community Influencer!

Meet ANITA CHEUNG of THE SOCIAL YOGA, a awesome #SOCIALintheCITY Community Influencer!

Anita is ever curious & a junkie for learning. She’s never really heeded her mother’s warning about talking to strangers. She loves reading just as much as she loves doing adrenaline-pumping activities outdoors. If she could have it her way, she would have a board (snow or surf) underneath her feet everyday. Film photography moves her. Travel moves her. Music moves her. Conversations and people with stories move her. Actually, she just loves moving. She is solar powered and she has an affinity for quotes like it’s nobody’s business.

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