Building a Strong Relationship between your Body and Mind // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

What do you think about when you are just sitting there, doing nothing in this world but sitting and staring? What is going through your mind at a million miles per hour? For a long time, all that were going through my head were negative thoughts, in case you didn’t know, we have about 60,000 thoughts a day with 90% of those being the same thoughts we had just yesterday, and a majority of them negative thoughts…

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Every month, Social City Networking INC. compiles a list of Vancouver’s must-attend events. We make it easy to ensure that you’re always experiencing all things SOCIAL that Vancouver has to offer. We’ve drawn from various sources to make this calendar your monthly go-to list for all things social. From cultural festivals, to exhibitions, markets, holidays & beyond – we’re proud to say we’ve finally done it: we’ve created the ULTIMATE social calendar. We’re pleased to release the SEPTEMBER 2015 edition of Social City’s “SOCIAL in the CITY Social Calendar“.

Social City Networking INC. – For all things SOCIAL in your CITY!

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