Building a Strong Relationship between your Body and Mind // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

Building a Strong Relationship between your Body and Mind // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

Emily Cook PhotographyWhat do you think about when you are just sitting there, doing nothing in this world but sitting and staring? What is going through your mind at a million miles per hour? For a long time, all that were going through my head were negative thoughts, in case you didn’t know, we have about 60,000 thoughts a day with 90% of those being the same thoughts we had just yesterday, and a majority of them negative thoughts. What do you see when you turn on the news? Nothing but negative stories from around the world and your own community. We tend to live in a negative world, where the terribly bad stories are spot lighted to almost cast doubt on everyone’s mind about situations and events going on. What if I told you to turn off the news, it shows you nothing good (well maybe for the feel good moments that happen the last 2 minutes of the hour-long segment), that will create one less negative situation you are putting yourself in already! Shocking how easy it is to take out the negativity in your life if you are willing to take back power of your own mind.

When you see someone who is feeling under the weather, it is not just their bodies that are under attack, it is also due to their minds not being aligned and in tune with the body. I am a strong believer in having the body and mind connection and alignment. When I used to fill my head up with negative thoughts, all I would feel is pain in my body, aches in my back, headaches, and catching colds. It would always seem like a never-ending battle against an unknown opponent. When you begin to put positive thoughts in your mind, your mind is a very powerful thing, and it will in turn create such a positive energy into your body to make it feel good, to fight off illness and become a worthy opponent. When I feel strong mentally, I feel strong physically as well. You can ask any person who is working out at a gym or doing any physically activity about how they feel during that activity, and I bet they would say “Great! (Minus the feeling of throwing up occasionally)”. It’s no secret that physical fitness increases your mood, your outlook on life and your physical health. But what a lot of people do not quite grasp is that in order to become completely healthy they must not only be healthy physically but also emotional, spiritual, intellectual, socially, and have environmental wellness. These all need to align which seems daunting but it is not that hard, trust me. Once you get your mind right, they all sort of fall into place.

Let’s start with emotional wellness. Your ability to show your emotions regardless of what the circumstance or situation. To not have to hold back on what you feel or think, because of society’s constraints or ideology that you have fallen in. To be able to let your emotions run true is such a great feeling. For both men and women, society has told us how to react in any given situation, but that is such a broad and unusable formula when we all think differently, we have a one of a kind mind in each of us that makes us different from one another. To start being you, you need to start showing the world who you are.

Emily Cook Photography

Onto spiritual wellness, one that is newer to me. I grew up in a very non spiritual house hold. We never went to church. We never talked about this type of stuff, so it never really occurred to me that it existed. Being spiritual does not mean you need to worship a God (in my opinion), it means that you are true to yourself, you worship yourself and care for yourself, you take the time every day to dedicate to your body and mind. To connect the two through meditation, yoga, and visualization. If you are not taking care of yourself mentally, then you will never be able to unleash what you are truly capable of in this world. For the guys, it does not make you less of a man to sit and meditate. I mention this because I had serious doubts when I first started, but I later realized that those doubts were not cast onto me by those around me, they were cast onto me by myself, my own mind was telling me stories of why I shouldn’t be doing this, and that I should back out now before it’s too late. When you already are defeating yourself, you don’t need anyone trying to defeat you because there is nothing left to defeat. Once you bring positive awareness into your body and mind about what it is you are doing, day in and day out, you will begin to tell your mind that this is good, it is good to be in this moment right now, that I can do this with no judgement onto myself.

For intellectual wellness, it encompasses what you are feeding your brain in knowledge. Are you feeding it healthy knowledge like books, learning new skills, being in an environment that supports your continuing education in life, or are feeding junk food like TV, social media (It is an addiction, a very serious one. It does have benefits for businesses I will admit!), and the lack of learning no new skills to challenge your mind to think differently or create a new way of doing something. All through life we should be teaching ourselves new things that challenge us in different ways, whether it is learning a new language to fire up one side of the brain, or it could be learning jiu-jitsu to fire up the side of the brain. Regardless of what it may be specifically, the key point is to always be learning, every day presents its self as a new opportunity to learn something new, it could be a small learning experience or a very big one but you need to be open to it to be able to receive it.

Social wellness is something of importance and almost concerning nowadays. Far too often you see people face down in their phones, too busy to look up and connect with the real world. This society now feels more comfortable talking to people over the internet then they do talking to someone face to face. That is the sad reality of where we are in this world right now. For social wellness it does not depend on how many friends you have or if you have a big network. It depends on your social skills or your lack of them. Can you comfortably go into a group of random people and start having meaningful conversation with them, not just small talk? To do this without being nervous (unless you are asking a girl out obviously), is where you will feel socially well. It is when doubt and fear creep into our minds that we become the person in the corner who thinks no one wants to talk to them or likes them, when all that it really is, is that you have to put yourself out there and be confident in who you really are. Let’s try to get some of that old school way of doing things back with being able to talk to people face to face and have meaningful conversations and experiences rather than digital ones.

Lastly, environmental wellness. What are surrounding yourself with on a daily basis? Is it a negative environment that will not help you but drag you more into mess? What you surround yourself with will be what ultimately makes you. What has helped me tremendously over the past year to reset my mind and thinking, is to get outdoors. There is no better way in my mind to feel refreshed, recharged and ready to conquer all that is in front of me then getting some fresh air and onto to the mountains. Nature stimulates our minds like nothing else will, it gives us a calming sense (don’t worry about the bears) to remind us that there is so much out there, ready to be conquered and explored. It reminds us that we are so tiny in this world, that all that matters is here right now, in this moment to be present with yourself and to forget about what was happening back in the city. I make this a habit now, every week at least once I will get out in the woods to adventure. Whether it is a solo adventure or a group adventure I will have that moment of realization about dropping everything negative that was going through my mind and replace it with positive outcomes and a positive mindset will then occur.

Like all relationships in life, you need to make time and put effort into it or it will fail to put it so bluntly. So when it comes to the relationship between your body and your mind, make time every day to make sure you are bettering those areas which I have discussed and you will begin to such an amazing change happening in the way you feel and the way you look at life. It has helped me immensely in the past year and I hope it will help you in whatever part you are trying to strengthen in life.

Info about Jeremy, and JVFitness:

JVFitnessReconnecting with Human Interactions // Written by Jeremy Vaughan #SOCIALintheCITYJeremy’s interests in community started from a passion of helping people. From Jeremy’s childhood onward he has always been helping the community, from mowing senior’s lawns when he was a child to helping our community come together in the quest for redefining how we look at health and wellness. JVFitness focuses on not only the physical side of health but also the mental side, each needs to be healthy.Starting a class for troubled youth is the next goal for JVFitness, because it’s these next generations that will shape our world for generations to come. You can find JVFitness making people sweat and having fun all over the Vancouver area with classes focused on running like Night Flights, a class at Eastwood Cycle “The cirCUT” Saturdays at 8am, and a couple others. For more info, check out the Facebook page JVFitness. Jeremy grew up in the Fraser Valley where he played soccer all through his child and teenage years. He has always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors, having traveled all over British Columbia camping and hiking. He is a current Human Kinetics Student at Capilano University where he is honing his passion for helping people in many circumstances. He is currently also writing a book on how visualization can help your performance and your daily lives.


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  1. Thank you for this article. I am Brand Partner with Nerium International. The CEO and founder Jeff Olsen if Nerium International, he is also the author of the best selling book the Slight Edge.
    Jeff Olsen is also the creator of the magazine LiveHappy. It a Magazine that has all positive information and stories. Jeff spoke a few years ago at the UN and talked to all the world leaders and talked about the importance about happiness around the world and how the make a impact around the world. Now today we have a day of happiness March 20th every year, #happyacts. Around the globe. As a Brand Partners and others we set up gratitude wall around the wall and people write on the walls acts of kindness. You are probably wondering why I am going on about this but this article needs to been in the LiveHappy magazine 🙂


    Steve Jansen

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