JUST OPENED: Nice Vice Ice Cream – more like Ice Dream // #SOCIALintheCITY // Written by Mara Falstein

Nothing brightens up another rainy, Vancouver evening like a scoop (or two) of ice cream. For the vegan Vancouverites and the lactose intolerant amongst us however, there has been a noticeable lack of options. While most local ice cream shops offer at least a few vegan flavors, virtually all use a primarily coconut milk base, leading many flavours to taste like variations on the same.


Enter Nice Vice. Founder Chris White had a different vision for his little ice-cream-shop-that-could: a menagerie of exciting vegan flavors determined to treat your taste buds to a delightful journey of indulgence in order to replace your bad habits with good (hence, Nice Vice). Chris was one of many in attendance when Social City Networking got the chance to join the pre-opening party for the new storefront space in Yaletown last Wednesday night. A graduate of Ice Cream University–yes it is a real thing and yes we are impressed–Chris was an effervescent presence, buzzing around the event spreading his contagious enthusiasm for Nice Vice. Safe to say, we were definitely bitten by the bug.


Nice Vice offers a variety of ice cream flavors, which can be enjoyed by the scoop (in either a compostable cup or a vegan sugar cone) or to-go pint, in an ice cream float (with soda hand-crafted by local business Capilano Tea House) or as a sundae topped with decadent sauces and brownie chunks. If you’re feeling adventurous, try your ice cream with a sprinkle of flavoured salts such as Chocolate Fleur de Sel and Hickory Smoke courtesy of local company Salt Dispensary . The ice cream itself is extraordinarily creamy and rich in flavour; I would almost describe the ice cream itself as being hearty, a surprising descriptor for a food usually thought of as an indulgence. This is no doubt a result of one of their superfood ingredients–sweet potato milk!


The sweet potato milk means their ice cream packs a solid nutrient-dense punch. As an added benefit, the natural sweetness means less sugar added…total win/win. Standout flavours for me included the creamy Matcha Avocado and the delightfully dark and rich Chocoholics Anonymous, while Sara was more taken with their fruity offerings, such as palate-cleansing Lemonhead and the lightly floral Blueberry Sage.


Nice Vice JUST opened their doors to the public on Friday. Let’s help give this plant-based gem a warm welcome to the city!

Find out more about Mara and what she’s up to here:

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