Lights, Camera, Fashion! // #SOCIALintheCITY at Vancouver Fashion Week // Written by Michelle Kuhnreich

Lights, Camera, Fashion !

#SOCIALintheCITY hits up VFW in style

Written by Guest Writer: Michelle Kuhnreich


Official Social City Networking INC. Photo – All Rights Reserved. Photo: Isaac Wray Photography


Last week I was a Vancouver Fashion Week virgin. Since I started my style blog this past August, I knew I just had to attend VFW and see what I was missing. Social media and networking maven – as well as my new found friend – Sara McKenna, (the founder of Social City Networking) honored me with a media pass to VFW Fall/ Winter 2016.  With the Social City pass, I was not only lucky to get to attend every day of fashion week, but I was also extremely lucky and spoiled with front row access! My dream-come true, and an experience I am grateful for.  The idea putting together outfits I have dreamed about wearing out, was finally going to happen….


Each night I was endlessly fuelled by friendly people, amazing conversations, the runway, the clicking sound of cameras as photographers snapped photos, what people were wearing, and of course, the beautiful creations by the designers.


Social City Networking Founder Sara Rose McKenna with Michelle Kuhnreich on the VFW Runway. Official Social City Networking INC. Photo – All Rights Reserved. Photo: Isaac Wray Photography


As a new comer to fashion shows, what stood out for me were the visual effects, sound (music playing as the models walked), as well as the models themselves. Some designers chose to play short  5-10 second videos just before the models walked out; this heightened my attention for what was to come! The sound of music was extremely impactful, immediately setting a tone and mood for the clothing. The models; I personally loved it when they smiled, acting playful, almost flirting with the audience, getting us involved in the show by encouraging us to clap and have fun (I know this cant happen at each show but it was different and I liked it). Its also great to see the designers come out and walk the runway with their models, and see the face of the creator!


Michelle Kuhnreich (bootybymich), Sara Rose McKenna (founder of Social City Networking), and Sue Randhawa (The Optical Boutique) at #VFW // Official Social City Networking INC Photo – All Rights Reserved. Photo: Isaac Wray Photography

Each collection told a story, was diverse, and imaginative. One thought I had during the show, was that we are different individuals, yet can be brought together by the clothing style we choose to love, wear and express who we are. Each designer presented a piece of their imagination and brought it to life. I loved it all. Oh, and lets not forget to clap for the models who walked in those outfits and heels! That is not an easy task! Clap clap clap!!


Seeing as I have never attend a VFW, I had no idea what to expect. Lets just say I met some amazing people from London, the fabulous and kind founder of VFW, a fashion editor who had just flown in from Paris, a celebrity, local business owners,  writers… That being said, it is such a thrilling environment to be a part of, network with, have a drink, mingle and chit-chat, take photos, while watching beautiful designs from all around the world. We must always support local designers and events. Next time, make sure to get dressed up in WHATEVER you choose, purchase tickets, get some girlfriends together and come out to see what its all about! I highly doubt you will be disappointed!


Thank you VFW + Social City for the all access passes! // Official Social City Networking INC. Photo – All Rights Reserved. Photo: Isaac Wray Photography


Quick fashion inspired ideas that I got from the show:

1) tying tassels to heels,

2) wearing lace body suits underneath your clothing gives a dramatic effect to your outfit.

3)wearing one single thick piece of masking tape around each foot looks really cool.

Designers that caught my personal style eye just to name a few:

Lesley Hampton, Natasha Chiew, Dominique Ansari, Rabia Dastgir, Dominique Ansari, Eymeric Francois, Flora Miranda, 44511234 …the list can go on…


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