With our focus being COMMUNITY, we provide opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks by providing continuous up to date information about interesting events, causes, organizations and businesses in YOUR CITY.

Social City Networking is a fully licensed and federally incorporated business that provides premium social-networking experiences, event planning services, marketing, promotions and advertising to suit every kind of interest group & need.

General Information

The Aim: Social City Networking is a community platform that creates opportunities for clients to become an active member within their community. Through using social media platforms as a tool to sustain and build relationships, SCN encourages face-to-face interactions and “real life” genuine relationships as opposed to “living vicariously” through on-line mediums such as Facebook. SCN creates that perfect balance between living through social media, and being social by acting as an information and education resource providing mentoring opportunities and workshops on topics pertinent to community members, entrepreneurs and small business.

Starting with events to strengthen ties between SCN and the target communities, the intention is to help people realize and believe in their own potential. To achieve that, SCN is at the early stages of creating a social movement toward a sustainable, supportive, collaborative and caring community for all. Starting with Metro Vancouver and, in subsequent phases, expanding nationally, then internationally SCN is building a platform for like-minded individuals to find each other on-line using social media structure.

Connecting community and like-minded individuals to social businesses and events within your city.
Fully Licensed & Federally Incorporated.


Social City Networking’s Intern @SCNIntern,
Founders @thisiskmckenna @smckennaSC

@socialcitynetwo – Capturing events in the moment!


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  1. Hola, lo que has publicado me ha resultado útil.
    Si bien tengo que reconocer que alguno de los otros post de otro día no me convenció tanto, lo de esta vez me ha interesado mucho.

    A seguir así! 😉

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