Meet ALEX MAZEROLLE, Community Mover and Shaker (Literally.) // #SOCIALintheCITY Interview

Alex is a twenty-something Vancouver based entrepreneur. She is a lady on a mission to help women and girls come together and rise. She is passionate about real talk, the transformative power of movement and all things nature. She is a Lululemon Ambassador, the yoga teacher for EA SPORTS app YOGIFY, a past Pecha Kucha Speaker, worked with the Vancouver Canucks, has lent her yoga expertise to Marie Claire Uk and Flare Magazine, a Wanderlust Festival teacher and more importantly super into naps and rap music. She is known for her sense of humour, warmth and no bullshit approach.

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With Your Eyes Shut – 3 Steps To Visualizing // Written by Jeremy Vaughan

Sit down, breathe, and close your eyes. What do you see? What are you able to piece together in your mind to bring vision to life when you have your eyes closed?

Those two questions, are what we will go through. Visualization is something we as humans have such a distinct difference over any other creature. When we close our eyes, we are able to visualize what will become of us in our future, you can play out situations in your mind as if it were happening in front of you at that very moment. Whether your goals are performance related or mental health related to get through hard times in life, visualization can have a huge impact on your confidence, and calmness in high pressure situations.

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Me And Earl And The Dying Girl // Advanced Screening Review written by Mara Falstein // Presented by Fox Searchlight Pictures + VIFF

On last week, I had the chance to join Social City Networking’s #SOCIALintheCITY rep, and my partner-in-social-crime Sara for an advanced viewing of Fox Searchlight’s Me, Earl and The Dying Girl. It was a film I was interested in seeing, especially in light of the overlaps in subject matter to the recent film (based on a best-selling YA novel) A Fault in Our Stars. Two teenagers enter into a friendship that grows into something more, both knowing full well that the girl is fighting a terminal illness.

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