Meet the Social City Team:

Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

(L) Sara Rose McKenna & (R) Krista McKenna-Dabiri
Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

Social City Networking is passionate about connecting local businesses with their community. Educating business owners and their staff on the power of social media strategy and execution, Social City works directly with the business to grow to it’s full potential.

With their strong belief in equality and respect amongst people, with drive and compassion, Krista and Sara work towards promoting positive change and development within individuals’ lives, to provide the opportunity to reach and achieve individual’s dreams, and to build a stronger community, as well as a better foundation for present and future generations.

(L) Kris McKenna & (R) Sara Rose McKenna Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

(L) Kris McKenna-Dabiri & (R) Sara Rose McKenna
Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

Kris McKenna-Dabiri, Founder/Director
Social Media Strategist & #SOCIALintheCITY  Correspondent

Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

Social Architect & Buzz Generator

Krista Doreen McKenna-Dabiri was born and raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has always been in inspired with the diversity of people that reside there. She is an outgoing; open minded and strong-willed individual who enjoys engaging and learning from people. Krista is co-founder and business owner of Social City Networking INC. along side of her identical twin sister, Sara Rose McKenna, and is constantly involved with creative and motivating projects to further explore and in capture the sense of community.Co-founder of community action projects, The Get Warm Project and Team Awesome, Krista thrives in social engagements and community outreach. Krista is an active and passionate member of her community and works towards creating a stronger unity with the many niches of individuals within Vancouver.

Sara McKenna, Founder/Director
Social Media Strategist & #SOCIALintheCITY Lead Correspondent


Credit: Natalia Anja Photography

Sara Rose McKenna is a Community Engagement Enthusiast & a Social Media Specialist.

Being passionate about creating positive social initiative and change, Sara has co-founded local outreach organizations, as well as a non-profit fundraising organization. Working collaboratively to create positive change is something she cannot suppress! Compassion, collaboration, creativity, passion, and leadership are all values that Sara lives for. Strategic marketing development and connecting like-minded individuals through online platforms as well as creating offline relationships through events are Sara’s specialties.

“Nothing in this world can hold you back from living your dreams, except yourself.”

“For fires of happiness, and waves of gratitude.”

| Social Architect & Buzz Generator |

Co-Founder | Executive Director
Social City Networking INC.
Team Awesome
Get Warm Project

t: 778 389 9318
tw/insta/pin: @smckennaSC

f | social city networking inc.

tw | @socialcitynetwo


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