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Social City Networking INC. provides you and your business the support and tools you need to achieve your business goals. We discover who you are, help you to establish your objectives, and create a custom designed social networking experience for your business. Our focus is to connect you to your community.

We offer premium networking experiences through CONSULTATION, WORKSHOPS and EVENT COORDINATION tailored to your specific needs. We are dedicated to helping you realize and believe in your full potential.

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Social Media Consulting: 

We review your current social media campaign and how you operate your social media platforms. After that reviewal, we connect with you either in person or by phone to discuss how to better your online presence and communicate your message clearer as well as more efficiently. We provide solutions and social media expertise based on what you need to change to better operate your social media campaign. With a purchase of this service, we provide our consulting clients access to us whenever they need, for whatever questions or situations they have.

Event Consulting:

Looking for the advice of a professional and seasoned event planner to help you execute your own event? We have a wide range of experience planning, executing and facilitating successful micro and macro level events.  We assist you in establishing critical relationships you need to present the best event you can, may it be through sponsorships consulting, venue relations, media relations and/or promotional tools. With a purchase of this service, we provide our consulting clients access whenever they need, for whatever questions or situations they have. 

We worked with Social City Networking to prepare and execute a Contest Launch Party. I cannot commend and recommend this power team enough. The process was seamless, timely and worked! Our goal of 150 attendees was surpassed and 180 people made it out, thank you to their consulting efforts and social media support. It was a successful event, and we cannot say thank you enough for the amazing service Social City Networking provided. Their experience is evident, as they not only consulted on what work needed to be done and how to execute it, but they also counselled our emotions. Throwing a big party is a big job, especially without prior experience, and we definitely all felt overwhelmed at times – this is when the support of the Social City Networking team was most appreciated. Calming us, encouraging us and supporting us to continue on. Thank you again for your support. I am still high on life due to the success of the event.

Bianca Kempe, Founder of Doze City Apparel

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Training Workshops:

One-on-one Social Media Training Workshops
With our One-on-one Social Media Training Workshops, we develop a custom and efficient social media strategy for you and your business. We educate you on any ‘sticky spots’ within your social media campaign and provide you the tools you need to efficiently execute your social media goals.

Group Social Media Training Workshops 
For a group minimum of 5 attendees and at least a 2 hour work slot, we help you and your team “learn” the specific solutions to your customized needs. We focus on the customized development of a social media strategy, the breakdown of that strategy into step-by-step training, and follow through action items specific to your company’s goals. Our training sessions include worksheets, a customized approach and training to the individual levels of each participants of the procedural steps of how to use the specific social media platform being utilized. We also prepare a hands-on experience where you and the other participants have the opportunity to get on a computer and help each other test out some of the things you’ve learned. With these new tools and focus, you are sent home to continue on your own that of which you learned together, with now familiar and comfortable tools.

Basic Social Media Workshops

– How to’s (these can be focused on specific areas of social media)
– General Social Media
– Informational Public Forums

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Custom Strategy Development: 

This service is where Social City is hired to research and create a custom market-focused social media strategy week plan and breakdown for the client. This is done within Social City, and the client receives a document with their custom strategy upon payment. This does not include training, although we do offer Strategy packages where the client can add on a training hour into their purchase at a discounted price.

Professional Social Media Platform Building:

We build your social media platforms!

What does that include: starting from scratch, filling it with content needed to have the clear branding for your target audience and/or refreshing your current platforms. This aspect is aimed towards creating and maintaining  your brand online. Strategic brand alignment with other community organizations and brand boosters, PR, Filling platforms with photo/images cohesive to the brand. Effectively capturing everything about your business for your audience on your social media platform. Information and links, data content filling, Creating your online identity/presence/portfolio. Exposure, creation, strategic planning and promotion and branding.

Social Media Communications:

Looking to focus on your business development instead of taking time out of your way to communicate your business’s message online? We got you covered. Premium social media management is the most time efficient method to ensure your business is growing properly and professionally. Let’s the professionals handle it. We take on the social media management needs for your business as your business.  The value is that you have the security of knowing that your business is being publicly represented in the best most efficient way that professionalism can create. You have a team of experts working for you as you- This frees up your time to focus on the actual expansion and needs that your growing business has. Breathe easy at night knowing that your brand is being represented to the peak of it’s ability.

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CONSULTING :  Looking for the advice of a professional and seasoned event planner to help you execute your own event? We can help you establish the critical relationships you need to present the best event you can. Sponsorships, venue, media relations and Public relations.

PLANNING: All your event needs taken care of. We’ll put the show together and on for you. Sit back and sip on a cocktail.

PROMOTION: SOCIAL in the CITY media coverage: this includes event promotion pre and post event. Live social media updates and coverage during the event itself. Inclusion of event in our monthly social calendars, that then gets filtered out through our established social media platforms. Call a crowd effect. Showcasing the SOCIAL experience itself to the general public, encouraging people to come out to the event, showcasing specific partners and sponsors of the event, creating a online dialogue creating hype and buzz surrounding the event and it’s participates.  This can include a boost in ticket sales, in social media followers, exposure, photographic exposure and sharing and article write ups. We’re exposing the event to the public!

Working with Sara and Krista from Social City Networking was an absolute pleasure! Partnering up with them for our Contest Launch Party was the smartest decision we could have made for our company. While starting up a community based project, my business partner, Bianca, and I knew we needed help. The power of people, right? Well in this case, we found the right people! We had approached Sara and Krista for consulting and support, particularly with social media. Lucky for us, we got much more than that!

Social City Networking provided us with endless support and advice from beginning to end, up until the night of our event! They were able guide us through every aspect of planning, from marketing and promotions, to in-kind sponsors and prizes, as well as creating media kit and much more! Their connections and expertise are highly valuable. Whether you are starting up a company or hosting an event, these girls now how to go above and beyond to provide you with phenomenal service. From my experience, I would recommend their services for any event planning needs, charity and sponsorship services, and of course, anything social media related! Needless to say, the launch was a huge success, but not without the help of Social City Networking!

– Tiffany Chan, Co-Founder of Doze City Apparel

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