Social media is a powerful tool that can launch any enterprise onto a path of success when wielded properly. As someone who knew nothing about social media, I am deeply grateful to Sara and Krista from Social City Networking, for their guidance and commitment to teaching us how to combine a social media saavy with the personal touch needed to help cultivate a following for our project. Sara and Krista always made time to meet with us and help us brainstorm new strategies for increasing the awareness of our project. They went above and beyond by becoming invested in seeing our project through to success and involving themselves in the planning of our event by personally accomplishing the details we had overlooked. We learned that any project can build momentum through creative use of its social media, but most importantly, through simply being genuine and sincere, reaching out and developing a strong rapport. We learned that consistent, engaging and succinct posts at strategic times are far more dynamic and effective than merely posting whims and thoughts. Myself and the Exposure Team have emerged from working with the McKennas with the knowledge and the skill to take any future projects to the next level. We would work with them again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend them to anyone or company looking to increase their presence online and in their community.

Geoff Manton, Founder of EXPOSURE CONTEST

With energy that can fill an entire room, these girls come to work with ‘no’ being an outlandish word. It’s a pleasure to work with Social City Networking.

Jonathon Gray, Director of Sales & Marketing for FIVESIXTY

We worked with Social City Networking to prepare and execute a Contest Launch Party. I cannot commend and recommend this power team enough. The process was seamless, timely and worked! Our goal of 150 attendees was surpassed and 180 people made it out, thank you to their consulting efforts and social media support. It was a successful event, and we cannot say thank you enough for the amazing service Social City Networking provided. Their experience is evident, as they not only consulted on what work needed to be done and how to execute it, but they also counseled our emotions. Throwing a big party is a big job, especially without prior experience, and we definitely all felt overwhelmed at times – this is when the support of the Social City Networking team was most appreciated. Calming us, encouraging us and supporting us to continue on
Thank you again for your support. I am still high on life due to the success of the event.

Bianca Kempe, Founder of Doze City Apparel

Working with Sara and Krista from Social City Networking was an absolute pleasure! Partnering up with them for our Contest Launch Party was the smartest decision we could have made for our company. While starting up a community based project, my business partner, Bianca, and I knew we needed help. The power of people, right? Well in this case, we found the right people! We had approached Sara and Krista for consulting and support, particularly with social media. Lucky for us, we got much more than that!

Social City Networking provided us with endless support and advice from beginning to end, up until the night of our event! They were able guide us through every aspect of planning, from marketing and promotions, to in-kind sponsors and prizes, as well as creating media kit and much more! Their connections and expertise are highly valuable. Whether you are starting up a company or hosting an event, these girls now how to go above and beyond to provide you with phenomenal service. From my experience, I would recommend their services for any event planning needs, charity and sponsorship services, and of course, anything social media related! Needless to say, the launch was a huge success, but not without the help of Social City Networking!

Tiffany Chan, Co-Founder of Doze City Apparel

One social experience that benefited me and my business: Meeting Sara and Krista from Social City Networking! I started working with Social City in September of 2012, I wish it would’ve happened sooner. I knew I needed to utilize the social media platforms to increase my business, I just didn’t know how to do it. After sitting down with them, I realized what I was missing in terms of my business model. The best part was that their advice was honest and easy to understand. They were there, available and accessible every step of the way. An important part of working with Sara and Krista was that by the end of it, I was completely comfortable and confident using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I continue to be impressed by the effort they put in, their work ethic and the way they both go over my expectations!

Sue Randhawa, Owner of The Optical Boutique

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